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About Cannabend

Cannabend is a MEDICAL and RECREATIONAL marijuana dispensary located in beautiful Bend, Oregon. We operate under strict regulations and are fully registered with the State. First time PATIENTS receive a FREE JOINT with purchase, and we also offer a rewards program that makes every visit count. We invite you to come check it out, thanks for visiting!
Our Story

Patient Resource

What to expect when you visit, what you need to bring – all the answers you’re looking for. For our medical patients, we offer dry flower, concentrates, clones, edibles, topicals & much more, including information on safety, use dosage, and more. Cannabend has one of the largest edibles selection in Bend including ice cream, caramel corn & a variety of beverages!


Our Products

We ACCEPT RECREATIONAL customers that are 21 years of age or older and offer up to 7 grams of dry flower per day and 4 clones beginning 10/1/15 through 12/31/2016. All our products have undergone laboratory testing for pesticides, mold, mildew & potency levels. Don’t forget to check out our glass and gear selection!

Find It

Cannabend is now pleased to offer extracts and edibles that meet the following requirements to our recreational customers:

  • Topicals containing less than 6% THC
  • Edibles with no more than 15 MG THC
  • One (1) extract containing 100 mg THC or less
  • Limit is one per day

Cannabend has one of the largest and most diverse selections of seeds in Central Oregon.

We are an official TGA Subcool Seeds distributor and the official Bay Exclusives Bend Distributor.

Our current stock is subject to change and routinely updated – this is a general list, but please call us at 541-617-0420 or stop by for up-to-date inventory!

bayexclusives Bay Area Exclusives ($200) Creme Brulee (Platinum OG x Forum GSC) x (Bay Ex. OG x OGKB) OG Pie Breath (Cherry Pie) x (Bay Ex. OG x OGKB) Tiramisu Cookies (Animal Cookies) x (Bay Ex. OG x OGKB) Galactic Animal (Galactic Cookies) x (Bay Ex. OG x OGKB)

tgaseedsTGA ($60): Purple Apollo (aka The Void) – Qush – Cheese Quake – Deep Purple – Killer Grape – Grape Inferno – Brian Berry Cough – Querkle – Qleaner – Ripped Bubba – Chernobyl – Jesus OG Kush – Agent Orange – Locomotion – Jillybean – Jacks Cleaner 2 – Jack Skellington – Conspiracy Kush – Go Time – Kaboom – Marion Berry Kush – Space Bomb – 9lb Hammer – Pennywise – Dairy Queen – Vortex – Shangri-La – Space Candy – Jack the Ripper – Galactic Jack – The Third Dimension
bcbudBC Buds ($125): Jack Herer – The Purps – BC Blueberry – White Widow – Social Master Kush – BC Hash Plant – Girl Scout Cookies

gi-logoGI Grow ($125):

Hot Pink Whistle – (White Rhino Bull x P98 Bubba Kush) x Mendo Express (Mendo Purps x Oriental Express) Silverback Locomotive – (Trinity Trainwreck x Grape Ape) x (Mendo Express) Resinous Maximus – (Blackberry Kush x P98 Bubba Kush) x (Mendo Express) Roadside Bomb – (White Rhino Bull) x (Mendo Express) Marionberry Creamer – (Blackberry Kush x Pre98 Bubba Kush) x (Mendo Express) Cocoa Corriander – (Chocolate Pineapple Chunk x GSC) x (Mendo Express) Box Car Harley – (Columbian Gold x Loatian Thai x Swiss Landrace Sativa x Nepalese Indica) x (Mendo Express) Devil Licious – (Blackberry Kush x Pre98 Bubba Kush) x (Mendo Express) Purple Heart – (Pre98 Bubba Kush BX2) x (Mendo Express) Gasoline Purps – (Sour Diesel x Grand Fire OG x OG Rascal) x (Mendo Express) Lemonade Terpenator (Lemon Skunk x Super Silver Haze) x (Mendo Express) Stinky Fudge Pinky (Pre98 Bubba Kush x Chocolate Pineapple Chunk) x (Mendo Express) Boogie Monster (White Rhino x Grand Fire OG x OG Rascal) x (Mendo Express) Huckleberry Pounder (Raspberry Kush x Grape Plasma OG) x (Mendo Express) Terpenator Tea Tree (Super Lemon Haze x Grand Fire OG x IG Rascal) x (Mendo Express) Coal Trained (Rez Dog Sour Diesel IBL BX2) x (Mendo Express) Unchained Melodie (Super Lemon Plasma x Grape Plasma OG) x (Mendo Express) Loganberry Whistlestop (Blackberry Kush x Pre98 Bubba Kush) x (Mendo Express)