Mission Statement

At Cannabend, we are more than just a locally owned business – we are a family who loves Cannabis.

Our mission is to serve our community by creating a welcoming and inclusive space within the cannabis industry. We take pride in building new relationships with those who honor the craft and seek the best medicine available.

In a world of global corporations, we’re bringing it back to the hometown and keeping things as local as possible. Being small and family-operated gives us the ability to personally test and get to know each brand before making the important decision of what will be offered for sale on our shelves.

Our high standards and extensive vetting process are what set us apart from the others, and we’re not sorry about it. Our customers know, if we wouldn’t personally smoke it, we will not offer it to the friends, neighbors, and loved ones who expect the best and have relied on us to meet their needs since 2014.

Thank you for choosing Cannabend!