Cannabend marijuana dispensary in Bend Oregon horse drawing

With all the recent and upcoming changes in laws around the use of marijuana in Oregon, it’s important to stay educated and informed.

One great resource to keep track of what you can (and still can’t) do as far as growing, consuming and purchasing marijuana in Bend is What’s Legal Oregon, and for more information regarding the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, head over to the Oregon Health Authority’s page.


  • What to expect during your visit:

You can expect to be treated with respect.  You can also expect to receive a high standard of professionalism and customer service.  We want you to help you find the best medicine that is specific to your needs.  We will answer any question you have and/or help you find the answer.  Cannabend is fully compliant with rules set forth by the Oregon Health Authority and the State of Oregon.  We make every effort to make your visit as pleasant as possible and your waiting time minimal.  We have 2 service counters which allow us to attend to 2 separate patients at the same time for faster service.


  • What to bring:

On your initial visit, you will be required to bring a valid picture ID that clearly indicates a date of birth and an expiration date AND a valid patient OR caregiver OMMP card.  You will also be asked to sign a 1 page document “Release, Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement”.  Please make sure to bring your picture ID AND your OMMP card every time you visit us.  You will not have to sign any other paperwork after the initial visit but will be required to present the requested documentation upon entry. Please note that under ORS.333-008-1260(c), a dispensary is NOT ALLOWED to make any transfers of usable Cannabis or immature plants to a grower.  However, a designated grower may come into Cannabend with the patient or caregiver to view our products only.